Learn To Play The Drums Book 2 Andrew Agutters
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Learn To Play The Drums Book 2 Andrew Agutters

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In this second book in the Learn to Play the Drums series we build on what was learned in Book One. It is recommended that beginners start with and work through Book One before moving on to this book.

In Book Two, we cover new rhythms and rudiments needed for playing different styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Funk and Blues and also explore new techniques and solos.

The aim of this series is to provide a good grounding in all aspects of playing the drum kit to assist you in developing as a drummer, and musician. You may wish to work through the book on your own, or with a tutor.

Working with a tutor's experience may maximise the benefit of the material and help to accelerate development.

2005 AA Publishing
62 pages